We are leading regional recruiting agency that serves a below listed business sectors. Continuously help our clients make significant improvements and reach their important goals.

Customer support

No matter the industry or the size of your company, excellent customer service needs to be at the heart of your business.

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Transport & Logistics

Our full range of recruiting solutions address the recruitment challenges and needs of logistics and transportation companies.

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Production & Assembly

We expand beyond traditional sourcing channels to fill skilled roles and meet hiring challenges as the sector moves into the digital age.

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Automotive Industry

We are committed to delivering consistent and cost-effective staffing solutions helping our clients to source the skilled and experienced staff.

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Health Care

We have developed a deep understanding of the challenges and requirements of the healthcare sector to ensure we offer better service to our clients.

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IT Industry

We help keep your projects on track by rapidly sourcing high caliber, hard-to-find IT specialists or external service provider to deliver IT functions required.

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Our goal is to provide clients with effective staffing solutions by supplying the most capable candidates willing to work long and infrequent hours.

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Tourism & Hospitality

We’ve chosen to focus on the hospitality industry, and over the years we’ve developed an intimate understanding of this industry, so we’re perfectly positioned to meet your needs.

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Since 2009, we provide best service for our valuable clients.

Our approach is innovative and driven by modern technology, which ensures to attract the best candidates for your organization. We understand different aspects of local as well as multinational companies with their specific requirements from the industry they come from.

We know how your world works.

Licence# UPI 03-30/12-391/22 EB



To provide professional solution to meet each client’s requirements.

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Business people working in office and collaborating


To be the provider of choice for our client’s recruitment solutions…

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Providing more solutions for your recruitment needs by matching companies with qualified laborers and staff. We have extensive experience getting the right people to the right companies and letting businesses operate more easily


Project Based Recruiting

Our project based recruitment solutions can be a complete, end-to-end solution executed to meet your business growth objectives within a specific time frame.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

RPO can provide high-volume hiring for large organizations at a lower cost compared to other traditional recruiting options.

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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

BPO services has become a significant part of almost all businesses these days which allow you to focus on core business reducing the cost at the same time.

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IT outsourcing

Use of external service providers to effectively deliver IT-enabled business process, application service and infrastructure solutions for your business.

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Custom-Tailored Solutions

No matter the industry, sector or job, by utilizing our custom tailored solutions we can acquire high-quality candidates at a cost-effective rate saving you a ton of time.

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Research & Sourcing

Research & Sourcing data provides insight that can help you create an effective candidate sourcing plan and generate your talent pipeline.

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We pride ourselves on being different from other recruitment companies. Our bespoke service means we will engage with you directly throughout the whole process whether it is a candidate looking for a new job or a client searching for a new employee. Below we give an overview of the high level of service we provide.

Market research

Our market research is an organized effort to gather information about target markets or customers for your business.

Candidate sourcing

Our candidate sourcing service is proactive search for potential hires to fill your current and future job openings.

Recruitment and preselection

Attracting, shortlisting, and selecting best match candidates is core of our recruitment services.

Head hunting

Handpicking the best candidates carefully selected against requirements. Perfect-fit for your business and waste no time interviewing unsuitable candidates.

Event management

At our core, we love events. We can deliver a full service event management experience so you can rest assured that the event will be on target and in line with your objectives.

Job posting

Our job posting service is compatible with any recruitment technology in the business. Spread a word about your vacancies.


Get our latest thinking on the biggest opportunities and most challenging
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Diskriminacija u zapošljavanju i kako je izbjeći

Diskriminirajuća pitanja su ona pitanja koja se odnose na lične informacije kandidata, poput njihove rase, pola, religije, seksualne orijentacije, starosti ili državljanstva, i koja nisu relevantna za radno mesto. Postavljanje ovakvih pitanja na razgovoru za posao može biti zakonski zabranjeno i može rezultirati sudskim sporom i tužbom za diskriminaciju. Evo…
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Posljedice lošeg odabira kandidata

Postoji nekoliko negativnih strana pogrešnog odabira kandidata za posao: Gubitak vremena i novca – Ako se odlučite za pogrešnog kandidata, možete izgubiti vrijeme i novac koji ste uložili u njihovo zapošljavanje i obuku. Slabiji radni učinak – Ako kandidat nema odgovarajuće vještine ili nije motiviran za posao, radni učinak može…
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Don’t let the best talent go unfound

In recent years, companies have had an increasingly difficult time recruiting top talent. While low unemployment is at least partially responsible, specific actions on the part of the business also play a big role. That’s not to say it is impossible to locate hard-to-find talent. It just takes more creativity…
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We specialize in hiring people who have the drive to succeed and the will to implement the discipline required to succeed. Join our
award-winning team, and enjoy a creative, dynamic and inclusive culture focused on one goal – improving the world around us
through imagination and innovation.


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