Project Based Recruitment

By 2025, it’s estimated that more than 50% of the workforce, will be independent workers, freelancers, contractors, and temporary employees, therefore more and more companies are seeing the benefit of using Project Based Recruitment to meet their ever changing business needs.
The project based recruitment requirements are rising. The workplace culture is constantly evolving with time. It is essential for any company business to understand that there is a dearth of quality employees who will be engaged for a long time with an organization. It is seen that companies have urgent requirements in regards to a project that requires special skills. The reasons for this huge demand can be for varied purposes:

  • Industries are not able to find the right employee for the special projects jobs
  • Lack of commitment for a full-time job
  • Working professionals who are not looking to work full time but on a project basis
  • Workforce preferring short-term roles that will provide them diverse experience
  • Need of specific skills for short period of time

In all of these scenarios the more traditional recruitment strategies may be insufficient or simply require an enormous investment of resources in terms of time and money. Probably the most obvious benefit of Project Based Recruitment is cost control, predictable costs as well as better allocation of resources. But costs can also be identified in the lengthy hiring processes, requiring your HR professional to spend an enormous amount of time on each potential candidate, from sourcing, shortlisting and assessing to, hopefully, making an offer. Streamlining your recruiting process with Recruitment Partner, allowing your internal resources to dedicate their time to other projects and for you to have a clear idea upfront of what the total recruitment costs would be. There are also some orher benefits :

  • Fewer liabilities as well as the cost to company reductions while the quality is not been compromised
  • Industries can focus on their core functions while the projects are handled by project based contractual employees who have desired knowledge as well as experience
  • Payroll processes can be streamlined as there is no induction of regular employment that can incur inclusion of special benefits and packages

We, at, help our partners navigate the hiring, management and administers the process for our clients from sourcing to hiring and take one more item off our clients’ plate so they can focus on what they do best, running their business. Our Project Based Recruitment Solutions can help companies in these unique situations fill the roles with the right talent while still maintaining predictable and reasonable costs. We assist businesses whose recruiting needs go above and beyond typical recruitment processes. This product aims to help two types of businesses:

  • Those in need of a large number of temporary or contract workers in a short timespan – such as a retail, production or customer support…
  • Start-up businesses that need to hire multiple roles of various skill levels at once


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