RPO process completed for AT&T

As we promised a couple of months ago, the US company AT&T, on May 28 and 29, completed the Assessment days organized by the employment Agency zaposli.se in cooperation with partners from the Czech Republic. In the past two days in Tuzla, previously registered candidates had the chance to present themselves to the AT&T recruiters.

“The percentage of employment success rate is 95%, that is, the percentage of candidates that we have chosen from those proposed by the Agency, and who accepted the job offer. This is by far the best result we have achieved in the surrounding countries “- were Jon Shepard’s words, executive manager of the AT&T company in Brno, Czech Republic.

AT&T is a world leader in telecommunication services, which in cooperation with its recruiters in Tuzla managed to select new associates for their team in Brno.

The atmosphere during the whole event was bright and positive. Candidates who applied for work in this company and previously had passed all necessary tests had the opportunity to get acquainted with company representatives and working conditions and to do a face-to-face interview with them.

Eva Jelinkova Internationale Hiring Manager, as a partner on this project, was visibly satisfied with the organization of the event itself, technical support, selection and quality of the candidates, and she had only a word of praises for the employees of the local partner, the zaposli.se Agency. Below you will see a fraction of the positive atmosphere from the event and happy candidates who got the job.


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